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At Town Clock CDC, we look forward to the day when all Americans and citizens of the world understand, support and believe without question, the basic, yet profound meaning of these three words and the movement they represent. Until that day:


  • We find it intolerable that overt racism is shamelessly on the rise. We hope that Black Lives Matter will be the movement to end all racism and discrimination.


  • We find it unacceptable that many “nice people” quietly abide subtle racism and perpetuate it by not taking a stand. We hope more good people will find the courage to speak out against this affliction. 


  • We find it oppressive that institutional racism in too many businesses and corporations continues to limit access and economic advancement because of skin color. We hope that companies evaluate and change their practices in order to provide equal opportunities for all. 


  • We find it unconscionable when racism in any of our government institutions contributes to the senseless loss of human life and leads to the heartbreaking devastation of families. We hope our local, state and national leaders have the fortitude to institute policies and laws that protect all Black lives. 


  • We find it incomprehensible when people refuse to understand or acknowledge that we are all equal members of the human race, and each person should be treated with respect and dignity. We hope that more people will open their hearts with compassion and expand their minds with knowledge so that together we can make our country and world a peaceful and safe place.  


At Town Clock CDC we will:


  • Continue to support survivors of domestic abuse and their children, many of whom are from marginalized communities. 33% of our current resident survivors are Black.

  • Continue to employ Black staff, businesses and entrepreneurs to advance the mission of Town Clock CDC.

  • Continue to appoint Black individuals to our Board of Trustees and Advisory Board so our leadership remains diverse and representative of our community.

  • Increase diversity on Town Clock CDC’s Executive Board during our upcoming 2020 election. 


At Town Clock CDC we live our principles while fighting to improve the lives of women and children who are survivors of domestic abuse. The families we serve are diverse, but are the same in their common quest for basic human rights including safety and peace. If you believe as we do, we urge you to:


  • Speak with your family and friends about ways you can help end racism and all forms of discrimination.  

  • Learn more about racism and how it is tragically intrinsic to our nation’s institutions and daily operations.

  • Support Black Lives Matter in ways that stretch beyond your comfort zone. 

  • Write to your local, state and national elected leaders urging them to do what is right.

  • Register to vote and exercise that responsibility in every election. Vote in people who will do what is right.

  • Fight voter suppression, especially in marginalized communities. 

  • Let your money talk by supporting black-owned businesses as well as companies that have stated their opposition to racism and have proven their commitment with concrete actions that bring about change.

  • Support causes that advance human rights for all. We hope you consider supporting the survivors of domestic violence who reside at Town Clock CDC and are working to create lives filled with peace, safety, justice and freedom. This is their right. 

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