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Mother's Day Fundraiser

Mother's Day 2021_Happy Mother's Day_Soc

Dear Supporters and Friends,

We at Town Clock Community Development Corporation would like to thank all those who donated to our Mother's Day campaign this year. Moms and mother figures deserve our gratitude every day, but we know how important it is to set aside one special day to truly reflect on all they do for us, especially during a pandemic.

We are thrilled to announce that with the help of a $4,000 Match Challenge from an anonymous donor, we were able to raise over $11,200 this year to support our resident survivors! 


Your donations allowed us to give $50 to each resident as a Mother’s Day gift, as well as replenish our education fund, which enables our residents to participate in future professional development opportunities, such as job training courses, tuition to technical schools and universities, music/theater training, and more. This means your gift not only had an impact on these brave survivors on Mother's Day, but will have an ongoing impact through the education fund. We are so grateful.


Below you can see the names of special mothers and loved ones as we acknowledge the dedications that some of you made in your gifts to Town Clock. Thank you for being part of the Town Clock family of supporters and making this important work possible.


Deborah Alexander

In honor of my mother, Helen Alexander, as she celebrates her 95th birthday

John A. Anderson

To Mom

Claribel Azcona-Barber

Every day I'm blessed with your presence, Mom!

Jaime Masler Beach

In honor of you brave mamas!

Elise Brancheau

To my mother, Kirsten, my Mormor, Ina, and my Grandma, Geraldine

Kirsten Brancheau

In memory of Mor

Sharon Burke

In honor of Carol Barranca

Christopher Cartmill

In honor of Joyce Cartmill

Joan Fekete

To Inez Larson and Helen Fekete

Linda Fekete

Happy Mother's Day!!

Barbara Glazewski

In honor of Katherine Knolmayer and Elizabeth Knolmayer

Alan Gordon

In honor of Barbara Littman

Jo Anne Howard

To all the moms in my family

Patty Murray

In honor of Elizabeth Murray

Eileen O'Rourke

To my Nudgie, who took such good care of me

Leontine Painter

In honor of Mrs. Vergie D. Shock

Louise Ragusa

To our mom, Theresa Houde, who set the example of good character, compassion and strength to her four daughters.

Nancy Ruiter

In honor of Gertrude Hartog and Margaret Ruiter

Dawn Seaman

In memory of my mother

Patricia Q. Sheehan

To my daughter, mother, and Grammy - our Betsy!

Susan and Martin Shulman

Honoring Barbara Glazewski for her dedication to Town Clock Cares

Jeffrey Venezia

In loving memory of my mom

Paulette Crabiel Wahler, The Crabiel Home for Funerals

In honor of Joyce Crabiel

Debora White

In honor of my mother, Janet Ann Hatton

Susan Zahorbenski

In memory of Jimmie Mast and in honor of Helen McCahill

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