Artist: "Beatrice" (Town Clock CDC resident)

Description: Mixed media on posterboard; unframed

Size: appx. 19.25" x 24"


This is the original, created by a Town Clock CDC resident survivor of domestic abuse during art sessions with artist and cartoonist Lauren Weinstein. This piece was also featured in the 2021 Windows of Understanding project. Prints of "Freedom" are also for sale.


A note from the artist:


"It is not easy, surviving something big like domestic violence and coming out the other end strong. The lingering effects of the abuse still stay. Till you do something about it. Little by little. One step after the another. You choose to be strong. You choose to be fearless. You choose...freedom. And in the end. When you look back at all that you have achieved and all that you are right now, elegant, bold, beautiful, fierce, independent, joyful, talented, unique. You acknowledge that you survived. And that feeling at that moment. Is the most freeing of it all..." 

ORIGINAL - Freedom (by "Beatrice")