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Being Brave Award

Melba Moore


Tony Award-Winning Entertainer

Being Brave Award

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Tony Award winner Melba Moore is a multifaceted entertainer and R&B legend whose career includes four Grammy nominations, television shows and movies. Moore was sexually abused as a child and experienced domestic violence as an adult. A deeply spiritual person, Moore is dedicated to community service and helping others. She is especially passionate about organizations that help people struggling with domestic violence, homelessness and hunger. “I’ve experienced many different kinds of abuse during my life, but by helping others, I’ve learned to help myself.”

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Community Awards

Gisela Ciancia

Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School
Outstanding Advocate Award

The Outstanding Advocate Award is given typically to an individual or group who challenges perceptions and educates the public about domestic violence. In response to the challenge of educating students during the pandemic, Gisela Ciancia, Roosevelt School Principal, New Brunswick, will be honored for helping Town Clock children, all of whom experienced domestic violence. Principal Ciancia will receive this honor in recognition of all educators who help the 1 in 15 children exposed to intimate partner violence.

Gisela Ciancia attended Rutgers University as an undergraduate and while there began working within the New Brunswick community. She has dedicated the past 17 years to working with youth in the city, building strong relationships that she continues to cultivate. Ciancia has risen within the ranks of the New Brunswick public school district, where she began her education career as a reading coordinator through the Youth Services System Play SAFE Program. She completed her student teaching at Paul Robeson School and began teaching in 2005. Ciancia received New Jersey Governor’s Educator of the Year recognition in 2012 and has previously served New Brunswick Public Schools as a substitute teacher, teacher, and vice-principal. Currently, she is principal of the district's Roosevelt Elementary School. 

While New Brunswick's schools were closed during the recent pandemic, Ciancia worked to ensure her students' various needs continued to be met. Then, she helped them navigate a safe return to the classroom. Her commitment to the children of New Brunswick is evident through her ongoing efforts to ensure that students, families, and the community overall embrace the value of education. She promotes family and community involvement via programs that include Adopt-A-Family, the Roosevelt Handy Street Wash and Learn, and Family Literacy Night, with a goal of inspiring students to be lifelong learners and leaders. 

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Safe+Sound Somerset

Accepted by Executive Director Michele E. Boronkas

Outstanding Provider Award

safe+sound_logo_cymk _new.jpg

The Outstanding Provider Award is given to an individual or group who provides emergency services to survivors of domestic violence. Safe+Sound Somerset will be honored for its work on the front lines through the pandemic, supporting an increasing number of victims of domestic violence and providing them with critically needed services.

Since 1978, Safe+Sound Somerset has been answering the call of domestic violence survivors—often literally—with calls to our 24/7 hotline that are the first step in breaking free from the violence and abuse for many who are being beaten, battered, and berated. Calls in 2020 increased to 2,272. Protecting and empowering survivors took on a new urgency as the pandemic left those we serve more vulnerable than ever, locked in and alone with their abuser—a crisis within a crisis. 

​But making the connection on those calls is just the beginning of what we at Safe+Sound Somerset do. Our services—from counseling and crisis intervention to family and legal advocacy to financial empowerment and housing resources—are needed more than ever.​

  • Safe+Sound Somerset served more than 4,000 survivors in 2020, a 21% increase over 2019.

  • Our counseling program reached maximum capacity, with a 25% increase in referrals.

  • Our team of experts responded to a 35% increase in survivors needing case management, legal advocacy and education services.


Our extensive coordinated services, support individuals to grow from surviving to thriving, and engage the community with an approach that sets the standard and, in some cases, leads the nation.

Michele Boronkas describes herself as a joyous, creative and authentic leader driven by a passion to support others to discover their authentic and powerful selves. She uses this passion to build vibrant teams, organizations and communities.  As the executive director of Safe+Sound Somerset since 2017, this passion, coupled with the expertise of a team of more than 30 professionals, has served as a catalyst to transform the organization into a comprehensive, trauma-informed state and national leader in the field of domestic abuse. More importantly, Safe+Sound Somerset has become a welcome haven of healing and hope for adult and child survivors of domestic abuse.    

Michele is motivated by creating measurable impactful results through strategic partnerships and community engagements that benefit people. She has held key leadership positions with the United Way and the American Cancer Society, and executive policy positions with the State of NJ and county government. She has a master’s degree in social work from Marywood University, with a focus on policy, administration and planning. In addition, Michele is an avid student of meditation, a certified yoga instructor and a lover of live music.

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United Methodist Church of New Brunswick

Accepted by Rev. Cyndi Stouffer
Outstanding Volunteer Award


The Outstanding Volunteer Award is given to an individual or group who is a driving force in volunteering and/or philanthropy. United Methodist Church of New Brunswick will be honored for its ministry to feed the hungry, whose numbers grew during the pandemic. They also provided meals to domestic violence survivors and their children, who reside at Town Clock Community Development Corporation.  

The United Methodist Church at New Brunswick believes that God’s love shines more brightly through the beauty of our diversity. We welcome the young, the old and everyone in between; those who are single, married or divorced; people of differing abilities, races, cultures, and ethnicities; citizens, immigrants, and refugees; people of all sexual orientations and gender identities; Those who believe in God some of the time, all of the time, or aren’t quite sure yet. No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

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