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Housewarming Registry

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

At Town Clock CDC, we don't just provide survivors of domestic violence a safe space to live. We provide essential home goods like kitchenware, cleaning supplies, and linens. These are the things that take a space from being a shelter to a true home; things that most of our residents would not have the funds to purchase on their own when they move in. Plus, when the survivor is ready to move out - ready to take the next step toward leading an independent, self-sufficient life - they get to take all these items with them! This means we have a continual need to restock apartments with household items - and that's where you come in.

Help us make Town Clock CDC's apartments ready for new residents by purchasing items off our rotating housewarming registry!


Any item you can purchase from our registry will go a long way to making our new resident feel welcomed and at peace.


Please select "Town Clock CDC's Gift Registry Address" for the shipping address when you check out (this may appear under "Other Addresses" in your shipping addresses list).



Please be sure you've checked the "This is a gift" box when you select your item(s) from the registry, and leave your full name in the gift message section when you check out so we know whom to thank for your donation!

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