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Mother's Day Fundraiser

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Dear Supporters and Friends,

We at Town Clock Community Development Corporation would like to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day! Whether you are a mother yourself or are spending the day celebrating the wonderful mothers in your life, we hope you are enjoying your day despite these unprecedented circumstances.

As you may know, Town Clock has been raising funds for our Mother’s Day campaign. We are pleased to announce that with the help of a very generous Match Challenge from an anonymous donor, we were able to raise over $9,800 to support our resident survivors! Your donations will allow us to give $50 to each resident as a Mother’s Day gift, as well as add to the education fund, which will enable these women to participate in future professional development opportunities, such as job training courses, tuition to technical schools and universities, music/theater training, and more. We are so grateful to you for making a difference in the lives of these courageous survivors.


As a special Mother’s Day treat, we’d also like to share with you a beautiful example of the work that artist and cartoonist Lauren Weinstein has been creating with our residents, funded through a grant award from the Middlesex County Cultural and Arts Trust Fund. In partnership with coLAB Arts and Town Clock CDC, Lauren has been working for the past several months with our residents to help them create original art that allows them to tell their own stories.


In this watercolor piece, you can see two mothers and their children drawing images of their lives, while light shines down on them through the stained glass windows of the First Reformed Church of New Brunswick, the building that houses Dina’s Dwellings and provides homes for survivors of domestic violence. Lauren is in the process of creating a graphic novel about Town Clock and the women who live in Dina’s Dwellings, and we’re so excited to see this incredible artistic storytelling come to life.

Thank you for being part of the Town Clock family of supporters and making this important work possible. Below you can see the names of some special mothers as we acknowledge the dedications that some of you made in your gifts to Town Clock. We hope that you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, and that you continue to stay safe and healthy during this time.

With love,

Susan Kramer-Mills
Executive Director
Town Clock CDC

John Keller
Board President
Town Clock CDC


Thank you to all who donated to Town Clock CDC's Mother's Day campaign.

The following gifts have been dedicated to loved ones in honor of Mother's Day:

John Anderson
In memory of Mrs. Rita Bausch Anderson

James Brennan
In memory of my mother, Regina Brennan

Ms. Joyce Anne Browning
In honor of Blanche Bradshaw Browning

Christine Bucca
In honor of Marie Kamrad Agocs

Sharon Burke
In memory of Blanche Kolassa

Richard Bush
In memory of Irene Bush


Marilyn Chirichella

In memory of Mary Galeoto

Joan Fekete
In memory of Helen Fekete and Inez Larson

Linda Fekete
In memory of Helen Fekete

Linda Hrycenko
To the mothers working to keep their family well and safe

Denise McDougal
In honor of Sandra Hibbert

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Amelia Novack

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Betty Merritt

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Carol McCoy

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Helen Plish

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Jennifer Novack

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Diane Applegate

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Andrea Kaczmareks

Sherrilynn Novack
In honor of Stephanie Kaczmareks

Susan Painter
In honor of Mrs. Leontine R. Painter

Judith L. Pasnik
In honor of Eleonore Becker Croot

Linda Pelligra
In honor of my mom, Dot Stott

Betty Warren
In memory of my beloved mother, Helen E. Gregg - Your daughter, Betty Ann

Ray Warren
Dedicated to my mom, Betty A. Warren, and in memory of my godmom, Faye L. Carson

Trumpet Lady Enterprises
In honor of Lena Thompson

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